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What's All of the Excitement About?

This tour was to Belize with a group of middle school students. The students were able to learn about subject-based standards locally (geography, history, science, and the arts). Students volunteered at the local schools in Guatemala and Belize, spending time in a Mayan village (I will add pictures from the Mayan village soon). 


Volunteering consisted of us bringing donated hygiene goods as requested by the schools (toothbrushes, toothpaste, hygiene items, etc…. As well as painting the outside of the school. Students were able to show and play different cultural games

"I really enjoyed the trip. This is my first travel experience with a global concierge. It was very unique. It was great to travel without worries."

Ghana Traveler '21

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend True World Link for travel events and adventures. As a travel and event coordinator, her mindset is a strategist and ideal for making unforgettable trips. The connections from one city to the next were punctual and one could tell that much thought and planning went into the flow of the itinerary. The professionalism was quickly established and the reputation for timeliness, dependability, detail oriented and congenial relationships with others are what stood out the most. The owner is a wonderfully positive individual that I found refreshing to spend time with. 
I will definitely travel again with True World Link!
Brooklyn, NY

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