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Authentic Connections. Transformative Excursions

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Established in 2021, True World Link was formed from a love of education, travel, culture, and a lust for adventure across the globe. After initially offering global education for schools, the founder of True World Link discovered her dream; to expose students all around the world to globally based curriculum. Combined with her experience in offering career services and helping people to achieve international career goals, True World Link was born.


True World Link offers individuals and businesses global resources and services to enhance life, work, and business, with an emphasis on the value that each global citizen provides. With well over a decade of experience in the education and travel business, True World Link is dedicated to bridging international connections and creating a linked world.

Our Mission 

True World Link strives to bring interconnectedness and global
consciousness into your personal life and business with services
and resources made for the globally sensible citizen. Whether
you’re traveling the world or looking to enhance your business, we
dedicate our time to bridging connections through researching and
planning for all aspects of global services. With an emphasis on
personal development, business enhancement, and the unique
value of each global citizen, we help you put your biggest plans in

    Our Vision 

True World Link aspires to create a united world of international
connectivity, global consciousness, and awareness of possibility
that exists across the globe. We aim to connect individuals and
provide support creating a culture of opportunity, adventure, and
discovery in self and business.

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